MARKOM CAPITAL LIMITED – a private equity investment company, which is involved in research and analysis of emerging markets and investment into Russia, former CIS countries, China, Latin America and other fast growing economies.
  MP CORPORATE AND TRUST SERVICES LIMITED – project administration, bank account administration and private investment management company of Markom Partners PLC.
  MARKOM INVESTMENTS LIMITED – Real estate investment and management company. The Company’s main business is identification, research and feasibility analysis of investment projects. It also overseas development of residential and commercial real estate projects and similar investment opportunities in the UK, the European Union and worldwide. Markom Investments, via its extensive network of affiliates and collaborators, is involved in sales of prime property, residential and commercial, for private and corporate clients of Markom Partners PLC.
MARKOM MEDIA LIMITED – Markom Partners PLC media and corporate promotion company. It is involved in development of the Markom brand around the world. Markom Media collaborates with Markom Foundation, the Group’s registered charity in the field of promotion of fine arts, medical and humanities research.